The Tonic Massage®

927 S. Johnson St.
Colorado 80226

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The Tonic Massage®, LLC, Denver & Lakewood, CO



The Tonic Massage® & The Tonic Massage, Chair Massage, LLC
have moved to Lakewood, CO

 The Tonic Massage®, Denver and Lakewood, offers a variety of massage techniques applied according to your needs. 

There are many reasons to avail oneself to the “tonic” effect of massage:

  • Restore the mental and physical tone of your body.
  • Improve concentration, energy, self-esteem, sleep, range of motion and the body's immune system.
  • Reduce anxiety, fatigue, and the flow of stress hormones.
  • Decrease low-back pain.
  • Increase circulation - allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.
  • Provide exercise and strength for atrophied muscles.
  • Lessen recovery time from injury or surgery.
  • Release endorphins - the body's natural painkillers; thereby reducing the need for medication. 
  • Stimulate lymph flow and support the body's natural process of detoxification.

RESTORE                       INVIGORATE                         ENERGIZE

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